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Urban Secrets was born from our passion to formulate skincare products with honestly good ingredients and to actually deliver on what many other brands have promised. After over 20 years of selling and developing brands, our founder felt it was his calling to correct everything that was wrong and corporate driven to bring some justice to consumers. Our team set a goal to bring to market products that would not cut corners, would not look at profit before quality, would not substitute ingredients for lower cost alternatives, would not hide behind fancy names or senseless trademarked slogans and would not be harmful in the long run.

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Our mission is simple; give people the best innovative
formulations with the highest percentage of effective, natural ingredients at a nominal cost. Our base ingredient is Aloe Juice for its many benefits instead of just water, which makes our formulations unique. We also use all vegan ingredients and have a clean formulation which keeps out over 2000 toxic cosmetics ingredients, including skin-dehydrating alcohol. We kept everything good in and took everything bad out, just like if you were to make it in the kitchen yourself.
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The evolution of each product from ideation to formulation
to meet its purpose to testing over and over again is
passionately done over a lengthy period of time like
creating a fine piece of art. The paint brush strokes on
our packaging depicts the artistry it takes in the
making of our products
and the vibrant colours
depicts the bursting energy and wholeheartedness
our teams put in.
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Our Story 1

In addition to creating the highest quality products,
we wanted to give back and help children
with disadvantaged backgrounds. There are so many
in the world living in unsanitary conditions and prone to
diseases. To help combat this, we donate 1 bar of soap for
each product sold.

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Alcohol Free

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100% Vegan

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Dermatologist Tested

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Cruelty Free

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Natural Ingredients

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Social Responsibility

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We did everything for a reason with every step carefully crafted.
Our products are made for our family and yours!

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