Maintaining a full 10-step routine for dry skin can sound a little daunting, but the Korean skincare business has developed the ultimate method to achieve healthier skin within days when following these simple instructions.

Of course, the routine doesn’t take as much time as it may seem and it will give skin the proper care it deserves. Having said that, here it is!

How to transform dry skin in time for Winter in just 10-steps:

Oil cleanser:

Excellent for removing impurities and replenishing moisture during the winter. An oil cleanser, lavender or coconut, for example, will help you eliminate all residues. Oil cleansers are a great way to remove makeup and impurities without drying out your skin.

Foam Cleanser:

This type of product is much gentler than the usual soaps that we use to wash our hands. Usually, after removing your makeup, there is still residue on your face. That’s where the foaming cleanser comes in handy, as it will easily wash away all the skin’s impurities.


Exfoliation helps prevent clogged pores as it removes dead skin cells and impurities from the face’s outer layer. This step should be used weekly and not daily, so you do not irritate delicate skin by over exfoliating.


Use a hydrating toner on your skin after cleansing, this prepares your pores to deeply absorb the moisturizing creams that make up the rest of the list.


A completely innovative step for us Westerners, applying Essence, a fundamental step for Korean women. It is like a serum or a booster, but its consistency is lighter, making the application easier and gentler on the skin.

Serums, Ampoules, and Boosters:

They are the current rage of social networks as they are especially useful at fighting sunspots and pigmentation. Most formulas have a brightening effect and a high content of vitamin C that helps prevent premature aging.


You can easily find an infinite range of clay masks, sheet masks, and peel-off masks according to your skin type. Masks are essential to recapture moisture loss during winter.

Eye Cream:

Eyes are the most sensitive area on your face, and this area is prone to early wrinkles. Always apply eye creams by patting the product delicately around the eye area. There are several eye cream options that can help you fight fine lines, reduce dark circles, and alleviate under eye puffiness.

Face Cream:

Essential for all beauty routines, applying facial cream is a must to moisturize your skin every day before applying makeup, and every night before going to sleep.


Last but certainly not least, the Sun Protection Factor should be present in all of your facial products, including makeup. UV rays and free radicals accelerate aging and reduce collagen production even during winter, so it is important to always have SPF handy.

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